Wednesday, 9 January 2008


There is so much music out there, Myspace is brimming with it, its on iTunes, Napster and every other digital distributer, Bebo and any other social networking site you can think of, theres Facebook groups, thousands of forums, millions of websites. I bet there are a few Blogs about too but screw it! Now days it is hard to know where to turn when you want to discover new music because there is SO much out there and every band and artist is a self managed walking billboard ! They even spam their friends! but it isn't their fault. They have to do it because everyone else is, there is so much competition to be heard now, its an all out battle.

Therefore I came up with the idea of creating this Blog, I'd like it if Bands and Artists could email me they're music in MP3 format (5 songs max) and I'll go ahead and give it an honest review.
It will give people reading the reviews an easier time of discovering new music while at the same time help promote Bands and Artists who would like to be heard. I hope over time the Blog will become more and more well known, eventually becoming a source for people into new music and with its growth help promote that music.

So if you make music of any kind all you need to do is send a picture of your choice and a maximum of 5 MP3s of your music. If you supply some background information (no need to go over the top though) that would help a great deal. Also a link to your Myspace page, Homepage or simply a way for interested people to contact you, that would be good too. That way I can include it within the review.
I'd like your permission to play your music on the Blog from a media player if I decided too as well.

If this interests you email me at I look forward to checking out your music! Dan

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